2013 Innovations in Caregiving Awards
sponsored by National Alliance for Caregiving and MetLife Foundation
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2013 MetLife Foundation/National Alliance for Caregiving
Innovations in Caregiving Awards

Supporting non-profit organizations that work with family caregivers

  Request for Applications

Deadline for Submissions: January 15, 2013

Over the past six years, many innovative and effective caregiving programs have been identified through the MetLife Foundation/National Alliance for Caregiving National Family Caregiving Awards. Since 2006, 49 community-based organizations, agencies, and universities were awarded up to $25,000 to both honor their exemplary programs and enhance their caregiving efforts. In addition, the awards’ program was intended to raise awareness about caregiving issues around the country and encourage the aging network to replicate these established and successful caregiving innovations.

MetLife Foundation and the National Alliance for Caregiving launched this new grants program — Innovations in Caregiving — in 2012 to stimulate replication of the exemplary caregiver education and support programs and best practices that were identified by the National Family Caregiving Awards. Innovations in Caregiving will provide financial support to non-profit organizations, agencies, and universities to replicate the best innovations identified through the National Family Caregiving Awards program

Ten seed grants of up to $10,000 will be given to non-profit organizations, agencies, or universities chosen by an Advisory Committee consisting of experts in caregiving, including former National Family Caregiving Award winners.

The seed grants will provide startup funds for new caregiving programs that adapt programs/best practices identified through the National Family Caregiving Award to the unique needs of caregivers in their own communities. Grantees are encouraged to develop plans for sustaining these replicated programs. As a resource to applicants and the caregiving community at large, a Replication Guide has been created that features the winners of the National Family Caregiving Awards from 2006-2010.
» Click here to view the National Family Caregiving Awards Replication Guide

OUTREACH WEBINAR – November 29, 2012 at 3:00 PM EST

The webinar will be available at http://www.visualwebcaster.com/event.asp?id=90659 for 90 days.

An Innovations in Caregiving webinar will be held on November 29, 2012 at 3:00 PM EST for those wishing to apply for an Innovations grant. The webinar presenters will include a select group of National Family Caregiving Award winners who will discuss their programs and best approaches for replication. The webinar also provides an opportunity for applicants to ask questions about the Innovations in Caregiving grants program.

Applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Innovation: What effective caregiving innovation(s) is the proposed program based upon? Why is this program innovative for the community submitting the proposal? What community need will be met by this innovation?
  • Collaboration: Who will the organization/agency collaborate within their community to ensure program success?
  • Sustainability: How will the program be sustained over time beyond the seed grant funding?
  • Effectiveness or Impact: What potential impact will the program have on caregivers in the applicant’s community? How will impact or effectiveness be measured?
Applicants are also required to submit a timeline and budget with their proposal.

All non-profit organizations that support family caregivers as a significant part of their mission are encouraged to apply. All applicants must be designated as 501(c)(3) organizations and have established caregiving programs. All applicants will be required to send a copy of their 501(c)(3) designation letter by fax, regular mail, or e-mail at the time of application submission.

An educational institution, such as university or college, is eligible to apply if it is designated as a 501(c)(3) organization.

Units of government are NOT eligible to apply, but governmental agencies working in collaboration with non-profit agencies to support caregivers in their communities are strongly encouraged to have the non-profit agency complete and submit an application.

Previous National Family Caregiving Award winners are NOT eligible to apply for Innovations in Caregiving grants.

All applications must be submitted via the online application located at this link.

Contact Information: As indicated on the application form, please provide contact information (including an e-mail address and telephone number for the primary contact person for follow-up).

Please provide the information indicated on the application form:

Replicated Program(s) Name(s): Indicate the name of the replicated caregiving program (These program names can be found in the Replication Guide Book at link to pdf)

Size of the community: Indicate whether your program is located in a community with a census population of 100,000 or less or a census population of more than 100,000

Summary Description: In the box provided on the application form, please type in a brief description of the caregiving program you wish to implement (maximum 300 words).

Narrative Document: You must upload a three-page MS Word document to the online application form. Although the narrative is limited to three pages, single spaced, please provide succinct but detailed responses to I., II. and III. below. For an application to be reviewed, all questions must be answered using the following format.

I. Description and brief history of applicant organization (including non-profit status)

II. Description of the proposed innovative program

  • Clearly describe the proposed program and the specific components related to caregiver education or caregiver support or how the program addresses the specific needs of caregivers in your community.
  • Describe how you will replicate the program(s) you have selected from the National Family Caregiving Awards Replication Guide.
  • Approximately how many and what types of caregivers will be served by the program when the program is fully implemented?
  • If appropriate, please describe how technology is used to enhance the caregiver program. If the program includes a website, please include the URL in the application summary and narrative document.
  • Please provide a timeline for program planning and implementation.
III. Description of how application criteria are met
  • Innovation: Clearly describe how the proposed program mirrors that of the innovative program(s) selected from the National Family Caregiving Awards Replication Guide. Also explain how the program will potentially enhance the quality of life for the caregiver.
  • Collaboration: Who will you collaborate with or form partnerships within your community to ensure program success?
  • Sustainability: Describe how the program will be sustained over time beyond the seed grant funding. What potential funding sources will be used to sustain the program?
  • Effectiveness or impact: Describe the potential impact of the program and how it will be measured. Be as specific as possible. For example, what percentage of the target group will the program reach and in what timeframe? How will you measure the impact or effectiveness? Describe any evaluation you will undertake to prove the effectiveness of the program.
Budget: Upload a one-page budget in the space indicated (either a MS Word document or Excel spreadsheet is acceptable). Please indicate how the $10,000 seed grant will be used and any in-kind support that will be provided.

Please fax, mail or e-mail a copy of your organization's 501(c )(3) designation letter at the time of application submission. The fax number is 301-951-9067. The e-mail address is nac.innovations@gmail.com. The mailing address is:

National Alliance for Caregiving
4720 Montgomery Lane, Suite 205
Bethesda, MD 20814

Please do NOT send any other additional materials at the time of application. If the application is accepted for further evaluation, you will be contacted and five copies of sample materials will be requested at that time.

The 2013 Innovations in Caregiving grantees will also attend and present at a caregiving workshop in conjunction with the n4a Annual Conference in July 2013 at which the information about their caregiving programs will be presented.

The 2013 grantees will also report on their replicated programs and what they have accomplished through a webinar in early 2014 (after more than one year of program planning and implementation.

For additional information or questions, contact Rick Greene at the National Alliance for Caregiving, nac.innovations@gmail.com or 443-962-7497.